NESA can train sport pilots, perform biennial flight reviews, and add other Sport Pilot endorsements (class B airspace, etc).

Sport Pilot Instruction:

The Eurofox is used for flight instruction.

Eurofox dual instruction:    $130 per hour

Ground instruction:  $40 per hour

Time is billed in quarter-hour increments.

Owned Aircraft Option:

For owners of ELSA, we are willing to train in your aircraft as long as certain conditions are met.
This service provides a significant training cost benefit.

For ELSA aircraft, these conditions are:

  • Must be legal, and have a current annual
  • Must have up to date and correct weight and balance
  • Must pass our safety inspection

NESA fully supports ELSA owners and aircraft. Please keep in mind that a DPE has to test you, and may not want to use your aircraft. For those situations, student pilots will need training in our Eurofox, and then the FAA checkride (practical test) will be performed in that aircraft.

Owned aircraft flight instruction:  $50 per hour

For convenience, temporarily hangering your aircraft at Ellenville during training is available.  Please contact NESA to make arrangements or obtain more information.

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